Concrete Tile


  Concrete tiles have been around well over 100 years and started becoming popular in the U.S. in the early 70’s when people began to substitute tile for wood shake and composition shingles. Most older tile is surface colored, and this coloring eventually fades, revealing the gray cement underneath.

Although some newer tiles are color-through, they generally have less vibrant colors and a rougher finish. Both clay and concrete tiles are extremely durable, and in most cases, carry a 50-year or even a life-time warranty on their structural integrity…but there is no warranty covering the color of the tile.

(Since no paint lasts 50 years, most tile roofs will begin to show their age due to various weather conditions, along with the growth of mold and algae.)

Clay Tile


   These are tiles that are 100%-fired clay, with color all the way through. It is generally more expensive than concrete tile and warranties are 50 years or more. Clay tiles have been in use throughout the world for thousands of years, and generally come in shades of orange, red, terra cotta, and brown. There are a few manufacturers who also produce a shiny ceramic coated clay tile that comes in bright reds, blues, and greens, etc.
Fiber Cement Tile


  Fiber cement tiles are composed of a wood cellulose and concrete compound. Fiber cement roof tiles can closely resemble, Traditional wood shakes, or can resemble old world slate. Eventually you will find a substantial loss of color, and ware on this type of tile. Sealing fiber cement tile can prolong it's lifespan. We can revert to the original color of the tiles or do a complete color change, always coloring the mortar, the metal pipes, flashings, surrounding bird stop, and hand painting all trim tiles.

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