Solar Panel Cleaning Service in Huntington Beach CA

Huntington Beach, CA is renowned for its beaches and never-ending sunshine. This makes it an excellent location for the environmentalist looking to leave the power grid for more natural energy production. Solar panels provide homeowners with an efficient source of power that saves bundles of money on electric bills. Just like other power sources, of course, solar panels need a little love and attention. Over time, heavy particulates collect on the surface, cutting down on the surface area and lowering the performance of your solar panel by almost 20% without proper cleaning.

Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Custom Coating offers solar panel cleaning service to keep your solar panels energy efficient. The process is simple and eco-friendly. We use a low-pressure soft rinse and a soft-bristle window brush to loosen the soil and debris. Next, we use a squeegee to gently remove the excess water, bringing your solar panel to its original brilliant shine and maximizing energy conversion.

Why Should I Hire a Solar Panel Cleaning Service?

You might be wondering why you should call on a professional solar panel cleaning service when the process of cleaning is so easy. The harsh chemicals or hard brushes you use to clean your panel can result in scratches or other damage to your solar panel, affecting its performance and could ultimately cost you a lot of time and money to repair. We have years of experience cleaning solar panel equipment and the materials to do the job right.

For more information about the benefits of soar panel cleaning services, contact us today.