Application Methods

The Restoration Process

Our unique process can be performed on concrete roof tile, fiber cement tile, or clay roof tile that is faded, stained or discolored. It is a very affordable and cost effective alternative to roof replacement.

Power Washing

powerwash1This is the first step in the restoration process whether you have a clay, concrete tile or metal roof. Built up dirt, algae, moss, mold and other foreign matter must be removed. We are environmentally conscious and use only tap water, containing no harsh chemicals that could harm your home, landscaping or hardscapes.

We use a very high pressure, 4500 pounds per square inch system with a rotating nozzle, yet the water runoff is about the same as a light rain. Whenever necessary, we put plastic sheets over objects that need to be protected or cannot be moved out of the way. When completed, the pores of the tile are clean and ready to accept a deep, penetrating sealer or coating. We always wash off any dirty runoff from walls, trim, windows, patios, driveways, sidewalks, and landscaping, and use a vacuum/filtration system to capture runoff in areas that require it. We comply with all city run-off codes.

Tile Sealers

After power washing the roof, a clear sealer is highly recommended. Since the pores have been opened, it will allow dirt and algae to reappear even faster than before. The application of a sealer is a relatively inexpensive process that increases the tile’s water-tightness.

Color Coating

algae-beforeThe “coating” process is reserved for tiles that have substantially lost their original color or when a color change is desired. We color the tiles, mortar under your trim tiles, all metal pipe flashings, bird stop at the eaves and hand paint the trim tiles that adjoin your fascia boards. And, by using high-grade airless spraying equipment, we eliminate any concerns regarding over spray that could damage trim or landscaping. We’ll match almost any colors and we always coat a sample tile for your approval before we start the job. Our coatings have been time tested and formulated by firms that have catered to major tile manufacturers for well over 30 years.

Detailed Trim Work

trim1Our service always includes detailed trim work. Unless it is a re-model or new construction, with the exterior not yet painted, we always mask off any areas that should not receive paint, and brush or hand-roll all of the eaves, hips and areas where we cannot safely spray.

Finishing Touches

We strive to keep your home looking great by washing off your driveway, patio, and sidewalks, and we even have equipment that captures the water runoff from the power washing phase. To make sure our customers property will look as good or even better than when we started, we include a thorough clean-up of the entire work area, including the driveway, sidewalks, patio and surrounding area.