Roof Cleaning, Roof Coating, Roofing Tile Color Restoration Roof and Solar Panel Washing Services in Anaheim Hills

The roof that sits on top of your home or business is one of the most important parts. It’s responsible for offering protection for your property and making it look good. If your roof could use some sprucing up, Custom Coating Restorations is a roof cleaning and solar panel cleaning company in Anaheim Hills, CA that can help. We’re a roof cleaning company with more than 30 years of experience that can provide you with basic roof power washing as well as roof coating, roof color restoration, and roof color sealing to breathe life back into your roof.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Roof in Anaheim Hills CA

If the roof on your residential or commercial property doesn’t look very nice right now, it could likely benefit from roof cleaning in Anaheim Hills, CA. The roof cleaning company at Custom Coating Restorations will allow you to experience these benefits for yourself by setting you up with roof pressure washing. Here are some ways roof cleaning can prove to be beneficial:

  • Gets rid of algae, mold, dirt, grime, and most other types of debris from your roof’s surface
  • Makes your roof look like it did when it was new once roof power washing is finished
  • Allows our roof cleaning company to put tile sealant on your roof or add a new roof coating
  • Gives us the opportunity to carry out roof color restoration
  • Puts more life into your roof and helps you put off roof replacement for an extended period

Benefits of Cleaning Your Solar Panels in Anaheim Hills CA

We’ve made a name for ourselves at Custom Coating Restorations by providing home and business owners with roof cleaning or pressure washing, roof color sealing, roof color restoration, and more. We also specialize in cleaning solar panels and can help you enjoy the benefits of working with a solar panel cleaning company in Anaheim Hills, CA. Here are several benefits of cleaning solar panels below:

  • Washes away dirt, algae, grime, bird droppings, and airborne particles from solar panels
  • Gives your solar panels a better chance to absorb sunlight and use it to create energy
  • Prevents debris from infiltrating your solar panels and wreaking havoc on the electrical components in them
  • Gives your solar panels a like-new appearance again
  • Extends the overall lifespan of your solar panels and keeps them up and running for longer

Anaheim Hills CA Roof Color Sealing & Restoration

You’ll be surprised by how well regular roof cleaning works on your tile, metal, or composite roof when you call on a roof cleaning company like Custom Coating Restorations. If you want to make your roof look even better following roof power cleaning, consider doing roof color restoration and roof color sealing in Anaheim Hills, CA. You can revitalize the original color of your roof or turn your roof a brand-new color. Either way, it’ll look like it did when it was first put into place when we’re finished with it.

Cool Roof Coatings & Commercial Flat Heat Reflecting Roof Sealer

Do you suspect the sun is making your home or business warmer than it should be and driving your energy costs up in the process? Let Custom Coating Restorations apply a cool roof coating in Anaheim Hills, CA or a commercial flat heat reflecting roof sealer. They will work to reflect the sun’s harmful rays and prevent your property from heating up. Choose from almost 40 colors when you use a cool roof coating and improve the appearance of your property as you protect it.

Reach out to Custom Coating Restorations at 800-621-6722 to allow us to be your roof cleaning and solar panel cleaning company in Anaheim Hills, CA.