Roof & Solar Panel Cleaning / Pressure Washing Company in Newport Beach, CA

You should be able to take a lot of pride in the tile, metal, or composite roof you have on your home or business. These roofs are known to be some of the best-looking roofs around. If your roof is starting to fade or showing signs of wear and tear, it can be difficult to get too excited. Custom Coating Restorations is a roof cleaning and solar panel cleaning company in Newport Beach, CA that can change this for you. We’re a roof cleaning company with more than 30 years of experience that can carry out basic roof power washing services or perform more advanced roofing services like roof color restoration, roof coating, and roof color sealing to inject life into your roof again.

Benefits of Cleaning Roof

Within just a few hours, a roof cleaning company in Newport Beach, CA like Custom Coating Restorations can completely transform the look of your roof. We can use roof pressure washing services to make it clean for you. Check out several benefits of doing roof power washing below:

  • Rids your roof of everything from dirt and grime to mold and algae in no time
  • Brings your roof back to the way it used to look when it was first installed following roof cleaning
  • Gives a roof cleaning company the opportunity to apply tile sealant to your roof or put down a new roof coating
  • Allows us to offer you roof color restoration to restore your roof’s original color
  • Extends the life of your roof and makes roof replacement less of a concern

Benefits of Cleaning Solar Panels

Custom Coating Restorations spends a lot of our time helping home and business owners with roof cleaning in Newport Beach, CA. We’re also able to offer more than just roof power washing. We clean solar panels as well and allow you to experience a whole host of benefits. Here are some of the biggest benefits of cleaning solar panels:

  • Stops dirt, bird droppings, airborne particles, and more from building up on the surface of solar panels
  • Makes it significantly easier for solar panels to absorb sunlight and generate energy
  • Prevents debris from finding a way into your solar panels and doing damage to their electrical components
  • Brings your solar panels back to like-new condition again
  • Keeps your solar panels in place for a longer time and helps them continue to work properly

Roof Color Sealing & Restoration for Newport Beach CA

If the only thing you do to your residential or commercial roof is roof cleaning, it’ll look so much better than it did before you performed roof pressure washing. Custom Coating Restorations can also take your tile, metal, or composite roof to new heights with roof color restoration and roof color sealing in Newport Beach, CA. We restore your roof’s original color or help you pick out a brand-new color for it so it stands out. Our roof color sealing will lock that color in and protect your roof for years to come.

Cool Roof Coatings & Commercial Flat Heat Reflecting Roof Sealer

If the energy bills for your home or business have gone up dramatically in recent years, your roof could be to blame. It might be absorbing too much sunlight and heating up your home, thus causing your HVAC system to work harder than it should. Custom Coating Restorations can apply a cool roof coating or a commercial flat heat reflecting roof sealer to reverse this trend. A cool roof coating in Newport Beach, CA will reflect the heat sent down by the sun and stop it from taking a toll on the temperature of your property.

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