Sealing Your Tile Roof To Prevent Spring Shower Damage

Tile roofs are very common. This type of roofing has a long lifespan and is very aesthetically appealing. Most tile roofing can typically withstand various weather conditions, but occasionally too much rain can cause problems. Tiled roofs do shed rain, but an abundance of consistent rain can cause water to get under the tiles. When… Read more »

Here’s How To Get Rid of Your Roof Moss Today

This might sound silly, but one of the key features of a roof is that it is, of course, always out in the open. That means it’s vulnerable to all sorts of different things, but most specifically, oxygen in the air, and water from rain and dew. And these two substances are the breeding ground… Read more »

Lasting Benefits of Power Washing Your Roof

Keeping a roof in top condition can save thousands of dollars and prevent serious complications. From age, weather conditions, and growth of micro-organisms, a roof can become dirty, dingy, and off-color. A dirty roof can cause a nose dive in overall appearance. But, this problem can be fixed with a simple solution: power washing. Power… Read more »

Five Problem Signs That Your Roof Needs A New Coating

A roof makes up nearly 40% of a home’s exterior surface and it is one of your home’s best defenses against weather conditions. While many homeowners focus on the inside of their home, your roof is actually one of the bestselling features of a home overall. The most obvious tends to be thought of when… Read more »

Signs That Should I Have My Tile Roof Color Coated?

Living in the Southern California area, every home or property owner knows the importance of having a well maintained tile roof. In Southern California, the weather can beat down the roof with extreme prejudice. On any home or commercial property, the roof can be quite expensive to repair or replace. Sometimes though with a tile… Read more »

Why You Should Restore Your Tile Roof

Your home is one of the most expensive and important purchases of your life. If you own or rent a commercial property, the situation is also very similar depending on the business. Over time, a home or building’s exterior is exposed naturally to a variety of severe weather elements and conditions. Due to that exposure,… Read more »