Roof Cleaning, Roof Coating, Roofing Tile Color Restoration Roof and Solar Panel Washing Services in Walnut CA

If the tile, metal, or composite roof on your home or business is in bad shape, there are steps you can take to improve its appearance. Begin by calling Custom Coating Restorations, a roof cleaning and solar panel cleaning company in Walnut, CA with more than 30 years of experience. We’re a roof cleaning company to set you up with services like roof power washing, roof coating, roof color sealing, and even roof color restoration. Something as simple as roof pressure washing can completely change the look and feel of your roof in no time.

Benefits of Cleaning Roof

Custom Coating Restorations is a roof cleaning company in Walnut, CA specializing in performing roof power washing jobs. When you schedule roof cleaning with us, you’ll get to enjoy a long list of benefits that come along with it. Here are a few benefits of roof pressure washing:

  • Eliminates the presence of dirt, mold, algae, grime, and other debris from your roof’s surface
  • Ensures your roof looks just like it did when it was new after roof power washing is complete
  • Gives our roof cleaning company the opportunity to apply a roof coating or tile sealant to your roof
  • Allows us to carry out roof color restoration
  • Adds years of life to your roof and helps you avoid having to do roof replacement in the future

Benefits of Cleaning Solar Panels

Custom Coating Restorations is more than just your average roof cleaning company. In addition to perform roof cleaning in Walnut, CA, we also serve as your solar panel cleaning company. Check out several benefits you’ll get when you arrange to have the solar panels on your home or business cleaned:

  • Removes bird droppings, dirt, grime, airborne particles, and more from your solar panels’ surfaces
  • Makes it easier for your solar panels to absorb more sunlight and create the energy you’re expecting from them
  • Stops debris from working its way into your solar panels and damaging their electrical components
  • Gives your solar panels a like-new appearance
  • Increases the chances of your solar panels lasting for a long time

Roof Color Sealing & Restoration for Tile, Metal or Composite Roof

The roof on your home or business is constantly exposed to the elements. This can cause a tile, metal, or composite roof to fade quickly over time. Custom Coating Restorations turns this fading around by doing roof color restoration and roof color sealing in Walnut, CA. Once we’ve completed roof power washing, we can use roof color restoration to restore the original color of your roof or show you other colors you can add to your roof. We’ll finish the job by doing roof color sealing to make your roof look like it did when first installed.

Cool Roof Coatings & Commercial Flat Heat Reflecting Roof Sealer

If the sun beats down on your home or business all day long, fading won’t be the only problem you’ll have to deal with when it comes to your roof. The heat from the sun can also cause the temperature in your home or business to spike if you’re not careful. Custom Coating Restorations can put down a cool roof coating in Walnut, CA or apply a commercial flat heat reflecting roof sealer to stop the sun from sending heat inside your property. Our roof coating options are also available in almost 40 colors, which will allow you to pick one that works best for your home’s overall appearance.

Contact Custom Coating Restorations at 800-621-6722 to find out why we’ve become the premier roof cleaning and solar panel cleaning company in Walnut, CA.